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Hallmark Nameplate offers unmatched color consistency, fast turnaround time on orders, and unparalleled quality assurance. Our 100% visual inspection process ensures that nothing ships to you without our stamp of approval first.

From graphic overlays and membrane switches to electronic assemblies, we perform 100 percent visual inspection on all orders. For electronic assemblies, we offer Auto Optical Inspection (AOI) as well as X-ray testing with state-of-the-art Yestech equipment to inspect each and every circuit board and ball-grid array, offering capabilities in placing and inspecting micro-BGA’s.

That means no component leaving the Hallmark Nameplate facility will be shipped without passing a thorough quality inspection. This process is how we’ve set ourselves apart as a quality leader in the manufacturing and production of countless graphic overlays, membrane switches, and electronic assemblies. Contact us now to see how you can benefit from our quality inspection process.

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