Graphic Overlays


Hallmark Nameplate produces high-quality graphic overlays using state of the art equipment and a talented engineering and graphic team. Our graphic overlays are either screen or digitally printed, similar to our nameplates, except they require additional processing like embossing, trans-colored display windows, or selective texturing.

Not only does a graphic overlay add aesthetic appeal to a device, but it can also provide environmental protection. A graphic overlay can be used in an assembly using discrete switches or laminated to a membrane switch.

At Hallmark Nameplate, we use state-of-the-art laser cut, die cut, and plot cut fabrication methods. Read More

Hallmark produces all kinds of graphic overlays:

transparent windows


selective texturing


Overlays with embossed areas


Emboss_1Pad Emboss – raises the entire key area above the surface of the overlay


Emboss_2Rim/Perimeter Emboss – raises a ridge around the edge of the key


Emboss_3Dome Emboss – tactile dome formed in key area

Overlays with abrasion and chemical resistance



Things to consider when creating a Graphic Overlay

  • Type of environment the overlay will be used in (dry, wet, hot, cold, chemicals, UV, etc.)
  • The type of surface it will be mounted to
  • Is there a window? Does it need to be trans-colored?
  • Is there embossing required? If so, which type
  • Is selective texturing required?

Because of the additional features and processing, graphic overlays are more labor-intensive and have a longer production time than simpler nameplates. However, once we’ve worked through engineering and graphic requirements, we always work to produce high-quality, color-consistent order fulfillment that will exceed your expectations. We offer graphic expertise and engineering to support your graphic overlay needs, we can print digitally, and we offer ISO 9001:2008 Registered
 quality assurance.

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