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At Hallmark Nameplate, we’ve perfected the art of color matching and our nameplates, graphic overlays, and membrane switches are produced for product manufacturers with an eye for complete color consistency and color matching technologies.

We use both technical and human elements to ensure that our color matching is of the highest quality. Our equipment constantly tests for color quality and we employ a full-time colorist to mix, test, produce, and control colors for each print job. On the printing line, colors are constantly eyed for consistency and tested for precision color accuracy.

If you need a large lot of nameplates or graphic overlays, rest assured that those items produced by Hallmark Nameplates will be consistent from item 1 through the end of your order. Our colorist takes pride in our production quality and we won’t be beat on color matching. Give us a try with your next project and we’ll produce quality, consistent, color-matched overlays for you.

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