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How Hallmark Nameplate Can Make Your Company Safer

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Working with Hallmark Nameplate can have numerous safety benefits for your company. These benefits come in many forms. We can provide you with properly labeled control panels that will prevent you and your employees from hitting the wrong buttons, which could cause injury. The device we make are thoroughly tested for quality, so it is very unlikely that a malfunction could possibly cause an injury. The electronics we make allow the possibility of automation of manual functions. Manual functions, especially in industrial situations, can be dangerous for the workers. Our circuit boards are available with lead-free solder, which removes the chance of negative health effects caused by lead. Outsourcing manufacturing to us removes some of the most dangerous activities that your employees may have to engage in and leaves them to seasoned trained and experienced professionals. To learn more about the safety benefits, read on.

Properly Labeled Control Panels at Hallmark Nameplate

One of the most important safety benefits that using our products can offer is proper labeling. This benefit is often overlooked, but it can be significant. Poorly laid out and labeled control panels can cause employees to press the wrong buttons. The device they’re controlling could perform an unwanted action, which may lead to an injury. We will work with you to label our custom control panels in the most be easy to understand way possible to prevent this from happening.

Quality Equipment That Won’t Malfunction

As previously mentioned, everything we make is tested and held the highest of standards. This means it is very unlikely that it will malfunction. A variety of equipment can be dangerous when is malfunctioning, including electronics. A lesser chance of malfunctioning means a safer workplace for you and your employees.

Automation of Manual Functions

The circuit boards and electronic assemblies that we make can allow you to automate some previously manual functions. If you have a machine doing the work while a human oversees, the human is in less danger than if they were actually dealing with moving parts themselves. Not only is this safer for your employees, but it is also less stressful and more efficient. This means that your company will be a healthier working environment both physically and mentally for all of your employees. Mental health is often overlooked, even in this day and age, but the mental health benefits of working with Hallmark Nameplate should be taken into serious consideration.

Lead-Free Solder

Another safety benefit Hallmark Nameplate offers is the use of lead-free solder. If you are safety-conscious, we will use lead-free solder, although we can also use leaded solder to save your money. It’s totally up to you. As you know the no doubt already know, lead has a variety of negative health effects. The amount of lead in solder is quite small, but if you want to remove any risk to yourself and your employees lead-free solder is a good choice. Simply let us know when you’re placing your order if you want lead free solder and we will accommodate this request for you.

Outsourcing Your Manufacturing

Manufacturing is one of the most dangerous business activities, especially if you and your employees are not specialists in this field. At Hallmark Nameplate, our employees are properly trained and experienced in the science of manufacturing devices safely. If you outsource your manufacturing needs to us, you and your employees will be safe and the work will be taken care of by people who know how to do it in a healthy way. If you let us handle the manufacturing, you can focus on marketing, selling, and shipping your products. Not only will this help your company be safer, but it may also help improve your bottom line.

Taking Advantage of These Safety Benefits

All you have to do to take advantage of these safety benefits is to start working with Hallmark Nameplate. We can make control boxes, nameplates, graphic overlays, and much more. Contact us today to get more information about our services from our representatives. When you have worked with our representative to figure out exactly what you need, we will give you a quick free estimate. Once you have given us the go-ahead to start work, our highly trained and experienced professionals will make your device with great care and check it thoroughly once they’ve finished. At this point, we will ship the device to you and you can reap the safety benefits and other benefits.

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