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Hallmark Nameplate Answers Your Product Questions

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Starting your next nameplate, graphic overlay, membrane switch, or electronic assembly is a process filled with questions, no matter who you choose to work with. 3 While many questions can be answered after you take the first step and decide to work with us, we’re here to answer any questions as early as we can.

Here are some questions that may arise, and the answers you need to make the big decisions:

What if I don’t have a graphic designer?

When you choose to work with Hallmark Nameplate, you’ll be working with a team of designers ready to help take your product to the next level. Our graphic design team is tasked with creating a design that will not only give your product a finished look but will also convey quality and durability. After the design, we work alongside manufacturers to create assemblies that accomplish all necessary tasks in the most effectual way possible. Assemblies can be built according to your specifications and functionality.

Taking it one step further, your design many require color-matching services, which we hold in high regard alongside product design. We have mastered color matching with specialists that have an eye for complete color consistency. Beyond the human eye, we use technical elements to ensure that we are matching any colors you’re envisioning with exceptional results. With equipment that is constantly testing for color quality and specialists available to mix, test, produce and control colors for every print job, there’s no doubt that your design needs will be exceeded.

What measures do you take to ensure a quality product?

Our operations are laser-focused on quality, from graphic design through quality testing and beyond. Our dedication to quality products is evidenced by the ISO 9001:2008 Registered designation of our membrane switches. Not only that, but we are also approved suppliers with Underwriters Laboratory, Canadian Standards Association, and International Traffic in Arms Regulations. For our customers, these compliances are a guarantee of quality control at its finest!

One of the features of your product that we hold in high regard is how we can enhance it for end users. We know that for a manufacturer wanting to sell their product, the quality is in the details. When it comes down to it, our products are what users of your equipment will encounter time after time. In order to ensure a positive experience every time, we focus our energy into designing an aesthetically appealing product with high tactile quality. Creating a positive environment for our clients’ products fosters a positive experience within our business as well, and we hold that in high esteem.

What if I only need part of a project completed with you?

Depending on your budget and your product’s end design, we can handle all of your electronic assembly needs, from engineering design, all the way through production and testing. We do understand, however, that not all of our clients need every service that we offer. They want only partial components assembled. With the ability to scale manufacturing, Hallmark Nameplate can handle production, or focus on other areas of your project, depending on what our customers need to be successful.

The scalability of our solutions has evolved as a result of the different needs of our customers. We attribute many of our strong relationships with clients over our years of experience to our scalable solutions, which allow us to provide precisely the services that are required by each of our unique clients.

How do I know that my product can withstand continuous use?

At Hallmark Nameplate, we are proud to offer products that can pass this test. If you’re looking to understand how we measure quality between membrane switches, the answer is simple: actuations. Our membrane switches are designed with quality and use in mind, which is why they can last through an unbelievable 5 million actuations. With the right combination of superior design and substrate choices, your project can withstand the pressures of heavy use and you can count on far more than 5 million actuations.

One of the most relieving parts of the project process is knowing and trusting that in the end, you’ve chosen a business that puts your business first. Having your questions answered and your concerns addressed in the beginning of the process, alongside the earliest stages, will help the rest of the project run smoothly and keep you satisfied. As a company dedicated to customer satisfaction and high-quality, Hallmark Nameplate is here to guide you through your nameplate, graphic overlay, membrane switch, and electronic assembly needs.

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