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The Benefits of Precise Inspection

precise inspection

When you order printing to be done, you have a right to expect the quality of the printed image to be a central requirement for defect-free print results. And why not? You are having work done that will present you and your company to your customers, and why would you not want to present your very best image to them? In terms of achieving these quality results, precision inspections are a necessary part of every project. In the old days, this process was often referred to as quality control. And while it might still be called the same thing today, in this day and age, it takes on a whole different meaning.

Quality control is a concept that is often said to be pursued by many firms, but when you really think about it, it’s often just an imagined goal instead of a tangible result. It’s a concept that was pioneered after World War II by W. Edwards Deming in his effort to rebuild the Japanese industry to become the fine running instrument that it has become today. A by-product of this effort has reached American business for the better. And a beneficiary, among others, is printing.

Any printing firm worth its salt is conscience of quality and naturally implements precise inspection in their effort to implement effective quality control. After all, one without the other is simply wishful thinking. Further, given the number of stages along the way to a finished printing product allows for multiple checks to achieve a quality end result. A good printer who is working towards a quality finished product understands the need for these steps to achieve these standards.

This is not something that many people might call feel-good warm fuzzies. It’s something that every printer should do in order to not only ensure the success of their business but to ensure it will continue in the long run as well. After all, any printer–or any business–that does not work towards constant and never-ending improvement in their finished products, can hope to do nothing.

Even a printer who has never considered using quantitative analysis of his methods can implement such standards in an effort to improve their output. At Hallmark, however, quality isn’t a long-term goal, it’s an everyday standard for not only our equipment but each employee as well. This is why, for example, we insist that every piece of machinery work to its maximum efficiency and that performance of that machine is constantly maintained to its highest standards. Not only that, but each employee must know his or her job intimately so that at every step of their job they can improve or at least maintain a process so that a quality end product is not a surprise. It’s a natural by-product.

Hallmark employees also know their equipment and tools like nobody else in their effort to deliver the highest quality finished products for all of our clients. This is also part of the reason why each of our employees undergoes constant training so that they are up to date on all processes and developments that are new to the printing industry. This will give them the benefit of contributing in a very active way of making your project the very best it can be.

All of this is the reason why you should trust your printing projects to Hallmark. This way, not only will you receive the finest end product for each of your printing jobs, but you will also benefit from the knowledge of our staff in terms of using our graphic arts products to give your business every advantage it can possibly enjoy. After all, each of your printed products is representative of your business and how you do business. Should you allow anything of lesser quality to speak for the kind of business you operate? Whatever your business goals are, count on Hallmark to deliver the highest quality tools you need to present your business in the best possible light. Precise inspections are only one stage to this process, but one that is important to make sure you have the best possible tools to do your business. Why not contact us today to see how this can benefit you?

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