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Why Your Equipment Needs Graphic Overlays

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The machinery you operate has to be protected from the environment in which you are operating it. Whether you’re working in a factory filled with dust or an operating room in the ER, you have to depend on your equipment every day. This is why it has to be guarded. Essentially there are two types of protection for electronic equipment: panel covers and overlays. Although both have their features and benefits, graphic overlays are often preferred over panels. There are several practical reasons for this. Let’s explore them.

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What Are The Determining Factors?

Before covering the advantages of graphic overlays, it’s important to understand the conditions in which they are a better option than standard panel covers. Consider the following checklist:

  • Does your electronic device require a switch or a button to operate?
  • Is your work area filled with dust and debris?
  • Do the buttons on the device require greater pressure?
  • What is the panel’s design?
  • How vulnerable is the panel to surrounding activity?
  • How vulnerable is the panel to chemicals or other substances?
  • is the panel area raised or recessed?
  • Does the device require heavy-duty buttons?

By answering these questions, you can make an assessment of which option – a panel cover or an overlay – is better for you.

Durability and Protection

If buttons control your device, then an overlay is a more suitable option. Graphic overlays are far more durable than panel covers. The added benefit is that they provide greater protection for your electronic device and give it more durability as well. Graphic overlays keep dust, debris, and liquids from penetrating the panel surface. The electronics underneath the panel are preserved, thus, will perform for a longer period.

Reduced Maintenance and Easier Cleaning

Cleaning and sanitizing a panel cover is always a hassle. The greatest challenge is keeping dust and cleaning agents from getting under the cover while cleaning it. Graphic overlays eliminate this problem by creating a seamless protective surface over the panel. The smooth surface is easy to clean because there are no knobs or buttons protruding from the panel.

Graphic Overlays Offer Unmatched Versatility

The options available for graphic overlays are nearly endless. Beyond design and customization, there are also other choices available to the user. Some of these include:

  • A wide array of finishes including polycarbonate and polyester.
  • RFI/ESD/EMC Shielding
  • Environmental and UV sustainability
  • Embossing and Braille
  • LED lighting and fiber optic background lighting
  • Key legends can be switched out per function
  • IP65, IP67, IP68 rated


Graphic Overlays are Cost-Effective

When compared to conventional panel covers, graphic overlays are a more affordable choice. It takes less effort in both design and construction to produce an overlay. Most graphic covers are made from less expensive materials than traditional panel covers. They are also less costly to attach to a panel. Overlays simply require an adhesive. Overall, your company will save money by utilizing graphic overlays.

Personalized Customizations

You can have graphic overlays designed according to your precise specifications. Custom features are valuable for companies that have machines that are unique in both design and construction. No matter what type of an electronic device panel you have, manufacturers can create a graphic overlay for it. If you need a certain color, pattern, font, or other features, companies such as Hallmark Nameplate can produce it exactly the way you want it.

Quick Access and Digital Accuracy

If your company hires employees that work in a fast-paced environment, then knobs and switches may not be an efficient method for operating a panel. If a worker has to operate machinery with split-second precision, turning knobs may not be the best option. Graphic overlays give workers quick access to buttons on the panel and allow them to create and change settings on the device with accuracy. Overlays take the guesswork out of utilizing machinery.
If you are looking for a reputable, experienced graphic overlay manufacturer for any device you are using, then contact Hallmark Nameplate today. We offer customized overlays and can create any design to your exact specifications. You can contact us at 800.874.9063. You can also message us on our contact page.

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