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Which Nameplate Substrate is Best for You?


Hallmark Nameplate offers a wide range of substrate option so that you can get your nameplate designed exactly the way you want it. Deciding which substrate for you involves several decisions about what the plate will look like and what it will be used for. The right substrate can speed up production as well as protect your control panel that you may be utilizing. Below is a description of the substrates we offer as well as characteristics that you should be looking for to determine which one is better for you. If you have any further questions you can contact Hallmark Nameplate today. We can help you choose the right nameplate for your company.

Substrate Materials

When considering the best substrate for your company, the type of material it is made of will ultimately determine what you will use. Below are some of the substrates that Hallmark Nameplate uses.

Aluminum. Of all the substrate nameplates available, aluminum is hands down the most durable. It can take the abuse of intense environments and industrial use every single day. Aluminum is regularly used for outside applications, but can also be used inside as well.

Polycarbonate. Do you work in an environment in which extreme temperatures go from high to low throughout the day? Polycarbonate is the best material for these situations because it can expand and contract without any damage to the material.

Polyester substrate. Are you tired of your nameplates fading in the sun? Then polyester is your best bet for UV-resistance. The surface can withstand both sunlight and heat for long periods. What is printed on the surface will stay on the surface without fading.

Vinyl. The best feature of vinyl is that it provides both rigid and flexible options as well as a wide range of thicknesses for almost any type of applications. It is not an ideal material for outdoor use. Therefore, if you need vinyl out in the sun and heat, then you’ll want to protect it with a UV overlaminate. This will ensure that it lasts.

What to Look For

Before you select the right substrate for your company, you’ll need to establish the right criteria based on answering some questions. For instance:

  • How often will the panel be used?
  • What is the intensity of daily activity when using the panel?
  • What will the nameplate be used for?
  • Are there any specific components or parts you’ll need for the nameplate?
  • What type of device will the substrate be used for?
  • Will the nameplate be used inside or outside? Is it a light or intense environment?
  • Is the printing design or control panel simple or complex? Is it detailed or a basic layout?
  • Does the panel contain buttons, levers, or knobs?

Establishing Your Purpose

When determining what nameplate is best for you, you’ll want to establish the purpose and the setting. Many of the nameplates above are designed for a wide range of applications to give you flexibility. So regardless of what type of panel you’ll need the plate for and what environment you’re in, you’ll still have a broad spectrum of choices. When you sit down with a Hallmark Nameplate engineer, we can go every facet of your workplace and give you our suggestions for the type of substrate that will work perfectly for the type of equipment you are operating.

If you would like to know more about the options that are available to you, then contact Hallmark Nameplate. We can custom-design nameplates, graphic overlays, and other similar products for your control panels. Call us today at 800-874-9063 and let us help you with your upcoming project from start to finish.

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