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What are Abrasion Resistant Overlays?

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Hallmark Nameplate produces the most durable and decorative overlays in the industry. Overlays are designed to be able to withstand impact, scratches and abrasions regardless of the type of environment in which they are placed. Overlays offer a wide range of uses that cover a broad spectrum of industries. Below, we describe overlays their functions, and how abrasion resistant overlays can benefit your company.

Overlays in the Workplace

What type of environment do you or your employees work in? Is it a factory filled with intense activity, extreme temperatures, or the possibility of equipment getting damaged? It may be a lab with highly technical and sensitive machinery. Whatever the case, your control panels need maximum protection from the ongoing movement around the room. If the panels become damaged or scratched, then they may be unreadable. In worst case scenarios, a panel can become dented and scratched enough to where it’s unusable and needs to be replaced.

The Solution: Abrasion-Resistant Overlays

To protect both the overlays and the devices that they are covering, the best option is to invest in abrasion-resistant overlays. This type of overlay can tolerate daily use as well as possible accidents that could occur on the job. Abrasion-resistant overlays are next-level plates that are specially designed to withstand the toughest use regardless of what type of work needs to be done. By implementing an overlay on your panel, you will ensure that you can perform your functions in a consistent manner day after day.

Custom Designed to Your Exact Specifications

With abrasion-resistant overlays you don’t have to sacrifice design for protection. Hallmark Nameplate technology allows you to get custom-created overlays exactly the way you want them no matter how simple or complicated the design is. Some of the options available to you include:

  • Transparent windows
  • Embossed lettering or graphics
  • Abrasion and chemical resistant overlays
  • Selective texturing

Questions You Should Ask Before Ordering Overlays

If you want to order overlays for your business, there are several items to consider. First and foremost is the overall design. What specific function will the overlay perform and what type of machine will it control? Once you know exactly what the overlay will look like, then we can begin the process of creating it for you. Keep the following considerations in mind:

  • What type of work environment will the overlay be used in? For instance, will there be water or moisture? Will the area be exposed to extreme hot or cold temperatures?
  • What type of surface will the overlay be mounted to? Will it be a smooth surface or something a bit more rugged?
  • Does the overlay need to be transparent? Is there a window that you need to see through?
  • Do you require any special instructions? Is there any special lettering, language, or embossing that needs to be on the panel?

Establishing the Controls

The type of controls you have on the control panel will determine that kind of overlays that are created as well as the type of material or printing that is added to them. An example would be using knobs versus using buttons. If the knobs or the area around them need to be marked, then they may require a different type of imprint than buttons will. The frequency and nature of the use will also determine what type of overlay will be designed. If you find that you’re pushing a button on the same panel over and over throughout the day, then you’ll want to go with a more rugged overlay whether you’re using buttons, switches, or knobs.

Contact Hallmark Nameplates for Your Overlays

If you need overlays for your control panels, then contact Hallmark Nameplates today. We can custom design your nameplates to your exact specifications and have them ready when you need them. We engineer all types of overlays including abrasion resistant overlays. Call us today at 800-874-9063 and let us help you get your next overlay project off the ground.

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