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How can you be sure Hallmark Nameplate will produce high-quality electronic assemblies? Because we use the latest technology, invest in the very best equipment, and we quality inspect every one of our assemblies multiple times before shipment. Our machinery includes:

  • SMT state of the art Samsung Lines
  • Electrovert OmniMax Ovens
  • Electrovert Wave Solder Machine
  • KISS selective solder machines (Tin Lead and Lead Free)
  • YesTech Automated Optical Inspection Machine
  • Nordson Dage X-ray Machine
  • SPEA Compact 3030 In-circuit Tester
  • PVA Conformal Coat Machine
  • Through-hole Slideline Racks
  • Pace Certified Hand Soldering Stations
  • 45x Stereo Microscopes at all soldering stations
  • High Precision Router
  • Pace Hot Air Rework Station

If you’re interested in electronic assemblies produced in an environment with the highest quality standards, contact the team at Hallmark Nameplate today!

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