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From indoor and outdoor applications to heat, chemical, and UV resistance, Hallmark Nameplate helps you design and create custom nameplates that meet your industry’s specific needs.

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All-Purpose Industrial Labels

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01. Proof

We layout graphics and dimensions according to customer specifications, then submit a proof to the customer.

02. Approval

The customer reviews the proof and provides feedback for changes or approval.

03. Production

After approval the part enters production and travels through printing, fabrication, and quality inspection.

04. Delivery

From order to delivery usually takes 2 weeks. Rush orders are available.

Nameplate Features

Permanent Product Identification Nameplates

Create strong industrial labels for every purpose and application, including: 

Equipment ID tags



Choose from a wide variety of materials including Polycarbonate, Polyester, Vinyl, Aluminum, and Metal Photo, to fully personalize your nameplate.



Mining Equipment Manufacturer

“We are very pleased with the prototypes. Pinouts are good to go. Dimensions were on point. Please proceed and thank you for the quality work!”

General Manager

Data Monitoring Device Manufacturer

“I really appreciate the quick turnaround on questions, quotes etc. Greatly appreciated!”

General Manager

Medical Device Manufacturer

“Hallmark has impressed the Robotics Solutions team with the work you recently completed for us. Looking forward to your quotation. Thank you to all and stay healthy and safe!”