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Merry Christmas from Hallmark Nameplate!

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It has been another wonderful year for the team at Hallmark Nameplate! We’ve enjoyed working with our clients on graphic overlays, membrane switches, and electronic assemblies and we’re proud to see some of their products nearing completion in the manufacturing process!

It’s a gift to know that our nameplates, graphic overlays, and electronic assemblies end up serving and protecting the public as important medical devices or military and aeronautic components. We’re proud of our quality products and excited to see what manufacturers develop with our finishing touches!

As you enjoy the season and rest with your loved ones, take a moment to notice all the graphic overlays and membrane switches wrapped under the tree this year. You’ll notice the difference between toy-quality products and our ISO 9000 industrial applications. Give your customers the gift of high-quality products in 2015 and choose Hallmark Nameplate for your graphic overlay, nameplate, membrane switches, and electronic assembly needs!

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