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At Hallmark Nameplate, we are members of exclusive professional organizations related to print and digital technologies for product manufacturers. Our commitment to quality is evidenced by our achievement of the finest quality control certifications available.

In addition, we’re members of the Specialty Graphic Imaging Association (SGIA). We have access to SGIA’s Industry Statistic Reports, action items that relate to government regulations, and we’re able to compete in SGIA award programs. We’re also avid students of the SGIA Journal, which features articles and insights by industry experts and is tailor-made for the graphic and sign, garment decoration, industrial application and graphics installer communities. Learn more about the SGIA at https://www.sgia.org/.

When choosing a nameplate and graphic overlay manufacturer, it’s important to work with a well-connected, well-informed provided committed to high quality and lasting relationships with clients. Contact us at Hallmark Nameplate today!

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