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Did you ever wonder what it takes to make a workplace safer? It doesn’t matter what a company produces, whether it’s a product or a service, it all comes down to the awareness and knowledge of the people who work there. Think about it for a moment. There are a lot of things that can make a company a dangerous place to work. It could be something as simple as a mat that tends to move when someone steps on it, or it could be something more complicated, like a machine that could be dangerous if it is operated improperly. The good news in all of this is that all it takes is a method of making people aware of the potential for danger and the chances of a dangerous act could be eliminated.

It’s true. If you happen to smoke, how many times have you become aware of a no smoking policy in a company simply by seeing a “No Smoking” sign hanging on a wall? Or perhaps you have noticed a sign saying “Dangerous” on a machine and become extra aware of a potential hazard while operating it? The point is clear that many hazards can be avoided simply by making people in an area aware of a potential hazard. All it takes is a sign or some other type of graphic device in an area.

Unfortunately, the presence of a sign alone won’t make a workplace safer or more dangerous. It takes the appropriate signage or labels to effectively do that job. That’s why at Hallmark Nameplate we are acknowledged as experts in making workplaces safer by the work we do for our clients.

Think about it. Just seeing a sign above a group of machines really won’t make a workplace safer. In fact, when you put up a sign that is designed to make workers aware of potential danger, but the design of it makes it blend in with the surroundings, chances are good that before long it will go totally ignored by the workers in an area. On the other hand, if a sign is more specific of a danger that exists with a specific machine or an area, and it is designed to be seen prior to entering an area, it will be noticed and observed.

The real power of a sign that is effective at helping to prevent accidents or illnesses in the workplace begins long before a sing is installed. In many cases, in fact, it starts with contacting Hallmark Nameplate, which has extensive experience at creating the awareness necessary to prevent these problems. At Hallmark Nameplate our graphics professionals have the know-how to not only create graphics that do a particular job, but they know how to appeal to people’s awareness so that not only do your signs get their attention, but they will make them react appropriately to get the desired result. The folks at Hallmark Nameplate can also advise you on how to most properly use the signage they create to make sure that it prevents the kinds of problems you want to prevent.

You shouldn’t think that just hanging a sign will make people aware of the existence of a problem. It’s most often far more complicated than that. Instead, using a sign to its optimal advantage is a process that begins in the meeting rooms of a creative staff that selects the graphics tools that make people aware of a problem and modifies their actions to prevent them. It continues to ensure that the proper tools are used to make sure that awareness continues throughout the lifetime of a sign or other graphic device.

To make sure that all of these goals are reached, you should have your graphics needs handled by Hallmark Nameplate. This way you will make sure that your workplace will be a safer place, regardless of the type of work that is done there or the role your customers play in getting the job done. At Hallmark Nameplate, you will be able to make sure that your workplace is as safe as it can possibly be. Anything less isn’t safe enough for anyone. Call us today.

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