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If you are in need of high-quality graphic overlays using state of the art equipment and a talented engineering team, Hallmark Nameplate is the place to find them. Graphic overlays add aesthetic appeal to a device and provide protection from the elements. We use transparent windows, selective texturing, and overlays with embossed areas. The overlays with embossed areas actually serve as buttons and raise the entire key area above the surface of the overlay or the key area.

These graphic overlays are extremely important to our customers because they provide the visually pleasing design that are seen when anyone looks at it. Our devices work wonderfully but we want our customers to be proud of how they look as well. That is why we took the initiative many years ago to surround ourselves with other companies and innovators who share the same passion for graphic imaging and technology as we do.

At Hallmark Nameplate, we take graphic imaging and commitment to quality very seriously. We are extremely proud of the professionalism and lasting relationships that our clients consistently praise us for. That is why we became a valued member of the association that supports the leaders of the digital and screen printing community, Specialty Graphic Imaging Association (SGIA). The SGIA is a Graphic Community. It is an organization of other businesses and members of the industry who find it important to share the news, updates, and discoveries that happen within the graphics world.

This membership gives us access to the resources through the SGIA network, which include information on government regulations and award programs, detailed articles regarding product manufacturing, and webinars by industry experts. What that means to our customers is that Hallmark Nameplate is constantly being updated on the latest imaging technologies, graphic and sign methods, and management issues that the industry community has to offer.

The benefit of the membership for our clients is that it ensures our commitment to constantly bettering ourselves and staying up to date with the latest and greatest that is happening with the products and services that we provide. We pride ourselves in our work with graphic overlays and signage, and being a member of SGIA allows us to have access to galleries to share and view other industry leaders’ work, receive certification to perform all types of graphics installations, and network with the best of the best in graphic world. Doing business with Hallmark Nameplate means that you are going to receive a product that has been thoroughly researched and carefully designed to live up to the standards required by other members of the SGIA as well as the government.

SGIA has been an extremely vital part of the digital and screen printing community since 1948. The organization offers events, workshops, and expos throughout the year. They also keep members up to date on regulations that the government have put in place. Regulations regarding the environment, safety and health, and going green are all major updates for SGIA members and are steadily monitored by Hallmark Nameplate employees.

The SGIA also implements green efforts within their Sustainability Resource Center. According to SGIA, the backbone of their sustainability efforts is encouraging the incorporation of profitable, sustainable business practices through the use of innovative manufacturing methods, systems, and materials that help to reduce the environmental footprint. SGIA promotes integrating sustainability into business strategies in order to reduce the business’ environmental footprint.

Great efforts to keep up on the latest trends, techniques, and laws are put forth by members of the SGIA. They do a wonderful job of keeping all members up to speed on tricks of the trade and we are proud to be involved. If you are interested in learning more about the SGIA, how to get involved, or in becoming a member, visit their website. They have information on attending any expos or trade shows that may be coming to your area as well as subscription information for the SGIA Journal, which comes out bimonthly.

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