Safety & Technology

Hallmark Nameplate maintains a state-of-the-art electrostatic discharge safe environment designed to prevent both human body electrical discharges and charged device discharges which could impact or otherwise destroy delicate electronic components. In addition to ESD-Safe workstations, Hallmark Nameplate maintains a complete ESD-Safe production environment to ensure that components remain safe from the time they are unpacked until they are finished and safely packaged for shipment.


Our capabilities include surface mount placement of a wide variety of component types utilizing two independent lines; through-hole component placement using state of the art wave solder equipment; through-hole component placement using programmable selective soldering systems; programming components and ICT (In-Circuit Test) using an SPEA3030 parallel multisite test system.

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100% inspection

LazerCutMachineAs with all Hallmark Nameplate products, we perform 100 percent visual inspection on all electrical assemblies. We offer Auto Optical Inspection (AOI) as well as X-ray testing with state-of-the-art Yestech equipment to inspect each and every circuit board and ball-grid array, offering capabilities in placing and inspecting micro-BGA’s.

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